Monday, June 20, 2005

Trust me, this is not what you were looking for.

Okay blogger is fucked up, this posted so weird the first time, let's try this again...

Okay well it’s been a while. I wasn’t sure if I was going to write again on here. It’s just weird (for me) to devote a bunch of my time to talking about myself and throwing it out there for anyone to read. Well the second part is true. See…apparently you can now search for anything and you will get my blog. Thanks Google. So if you plan on searching for…Williamsburg Café, Peter Pan Bus, fajitas, America’s Next Top Model…haha sucka you get my blog. Searching for “Observations on religion’s role in politics?” you get my blog. “Weight problems in cats?”…my blog. ”Celebrities and weird sex?" My blog… and you’re gross. " Does Peter Lugar Steak sauce go bad?"...I have no idea? and you're getting my blog... How about…”cookie dough?”... my blog… Are you looking for "granny panties"? Google thinks you should check out my blog. Does your search have the word “The” in it? You’re getting my blog. That also goes for any searches that include words that have vowels or consonants, so heads up, you will be coming here.

Well it sorta freaked me out. Then I got really busy anyway. Then Matt and I left for Italy.

The quick update for all 4 of you who read this that I actually know… Birthday was amazing. Matt threw a surprise party for me so the day I wrote that was actually the day of the party. I came home after dinner with Julie and Matt to an apartment full of people yelling “surprise!” and nearly fell over. You’d think I would have caught on but I seriously did not have a clue. It was a really great night though. The next major thing after that was Italy.

Matt and I left on the 26th of May and spent 12 days eating more proscuitto then anyone should eat in their lifetime. I was pshitfaced the entire time. A typical day for Matt and I would generally go like this…

8am wake up and eat free breakfast of yogurt, croissants and jam, cappuccino on gorgeous roof deck looking out on Lake Como.
9am walk around and take quaint photos of quaint cobblestone streets, quaint people, and quaint little dogs that go “bark-ey!”
10pm contemplate if it was too early to eat gelato.
10:15 contemplate if it was too early to go to the wine bar.
10:16 go to wine bar. Eat large amount of free cheese and cured meats; get a nice early afternoon buzz on.
12am all that wine in the middle of the afternoon can make you feel a little tired or wasted. So of course we needed another cappuccino.

1pm stumble around and take quaint pictures of quaint little villages, admire quaint gardens and quaint children who make whining and temper tantrums in Italian sound adorable. Contemplate taking genius art-sy pictures for apartment walls but instead it went more like this…

“ Maatt youshooouldtake a photo of me if…oppphh—uck!… wa..wait wait wait I fell hahaha…lemme stand next to the sta-cchheww an…Matt wait…. And then, I’ll… Matt wait stop taking pictures… I’ll…whoa haha dude I totally almost fell on the stacheeew..haha…wait ok I’m doing the funny euro-trash face…”ciao!” Bah hahahaha…um Matt…I think I messed up my ankle…

2pm “Do you feel like Pizza?
2pm “yes.”
3pm I feel kinda pukey from eating so much pizza.
3:02 “Do you know what time it is?”
3:03 “ No what time is it?”
3:04 ”It’s gelato time!”

Matt and I constructed a theory that the higher and fluffier the gelato was the better it tasted. We tested this theory everyday to make sure. We took our gelato very seriously. Further tests however may need to be done to confirm this theory.

4pm Hmm it’s sorta hot out…my throat is so dry… are you tired? Hey Matt I think I’m getting some color! Wow… I’m kinda tired… I can’t believe we drank so much wine this morning, what were we thinking? Oh hey is that Cliff and Jill over at that bar?” “Hey Jill!!!…Okay sure we’ll be right over!”

5pm duo vino
6pm duo vino
7pm duo beer-ay

8pm anyone want some pasta? Sandy you look a little red.
9pm wow sandy…you’re kinda red I think you got a little burn.
10pm Holy shit sandy, I think you’re on fire.

Go to will like. :)

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to me :)

Sorry can’t be bothered with links this week.

Wow what a week it's been. Last Friday Soph came into town and the weekend did not disappoint. Friday the group of us headed to this Latin American Restaurant in Park Slope called Coco Rocco; a last minute decision since the first place we tried to make reservations for was booked due to Brooklyn Restaurant week. But the food at Coco Rocco kicked ass and I had this killer steak with chimichurri sauce and fried plantains, a close second to my favorite fried food, sweet potato fries. After a lot of sangria and some impromptu dancing in the streets, as you do when you drink a lot of sangria, we headed to a show at Southpaw. We left sorta early because everyone was tired and full. I have to say though 5th Ave in Park Slope has changed so much since Charity and I lived near there in 2000. It's absolutely gorgeous now and has become like a mini-restaurant row. I am planning to have a walk around there on Sunday to recover from my party. Soph came over late night and we managed to get so silly I'm not sure we were making sense most of the time. When Soph and I get together I almost feel like we sometimes revert back to college and next thing I know I'm laughing until my face hurts and generally some sort of expressive dance in thrown in there.

Saturday we all met up to do some shopping in Soho. Charity was looking for a dress for her sister's wedding and Jules a silver sequined type clutch thinger. After a busy day of running around everywhere Soph and I bought some wine & cheese and kicked back at my place and ended up pretty much in the same state as the night before, matt included. At one point though he said something that just made me lose my shit.

Matt: Oh my god hon, you were so right this mineral water makes our countertops look awesome!
Me ( confused ) Mineral water?
Matt: yeah you said put mineral water on the counters because they're soapstone.
Me (starting to laugh) Matt... ha ha...I didn't say mineral water it was mineral OIL.
Matt: (dejected and looking at the bottle of Pellegrino in his hand)
Me: On the floor doubled over... Wow and you not only got mineral water but you gave our counters only the BEST sweetie, only the finest Italian mineral water for our counter tops! I was wondering why you bought that? I was thinking..."Wow Matt's really taking this yuppie thing seriously... he's buying Pellegrino now, damn."

He's gonna kill me for writing about this. (Hi love you.)

We stayed up late that night on the couch trying to shake off the giggles and watching really bad TV. And by bad TV let me introduce you to a little movie called "Super Volcano" Oh probably didn't know this but Yellowstone is about to blow up, uh huh…and when it does don't think you'll be safe here in NYC. Nope, because then the ash clouds will drift over and it will snow ash. But this isn't ordinary ash this is volcano ash, that when mixed with the mucus in your lungs (ew.) turns to cement and your lungs explode or something. Why do I know this because they must have stated this in the movie like 3 times. If we were playing a drinking game I would have been wasted off the amount of times they explained what volcanic ash does to your lungs...after a while I started to get punchy and make bets on when they were going to explain it again. Then I got really punchy and it sounded like everything they were saying had some veiled sexual meaning.

“ So it’s going to erupt?”
“ Right now it is just a matter of minutes before it erupts and when it does there will be magma spilling everywhere.”
“ Yes but you’ve predicted eruptions before and then… nothing happened?”
“ I know but this time it’s different, trust me it’s not a matter of IF it will erupt but WHEN…these pulsating waves (of pleasure baby yeeeeeeah) can tell us a lot.”

As I curled into a shaking ball of giggles my friends just stared at me amused and yet frightened. But I figured it was sort pointless to try to explain.

We ended the weekend by going to the Japan Society, which had an exhibit that looked like what I would assume a bad acid trip would feel like. But it was super interesting and Julie and I kept trying to take “illegal” pictures with all the weird life sized Japanese anime figures. Then headed to a BBQ at Matt and Anna’s where I had the best hamburger I’ve ever had at a BBQ in my life.

The week was relatively uneventful, work was slow and it was nice to be able to leave work on time and come home make dinner and relax with Matt who also had a slow week. We booked our hotel in Florence, which is cool. Tonight Matt, Julie and I are going to have dinner at place on Smith Street called Chestnut. Julie has Passover tomorrow so she can’t make it to the party. I’m so excited for tomorrow! It will be cool to have everyone over to the new apt. I’m also excited for Matt to meet some of my friends and their boyfriends that he hasn’t met yet. The night should be fun. I only hope we can fit everyone in the apt.

God this is long but one more thing, hey…you made this far…did I mention I’m turning 30? But Matt told me 30 is the new 20 so I’m gonna go with that. Besides you can be immature all your life! Right on.

Friday, April 15, 2005

What a difference a day makes.

This week has been insane. I've worked on average till 12am every night and nearly lost it one night working till 3am. But it's Friday and my friend Soph is here visiting from SF (Hi Soph!) and I couldn't be more excited for the weekend! I also just got my first paycheck with the raise and it's more then I had calculated so shopping tomorrow with the girls is really going to be fun. I'm actually looking to score some things for my trip to Italy in May. I'm all about getting cute summery skirts.

Tonight we have reservations here and then we're off to see a show here. I'm looking forward to just hanging out, drinking and catching up with some of my most favorite people. Much needed after a week of complete and utter stress. Yesterday was cool though being recognized for getting promoted. Although I fucking cracked up when I heard that my CD had made an announcement to the whole office that I got promoted and apparently everyone on my floor stood up and clapped only to realize that I actually wasn't at my desk. Classic.

My friend Anna wrote a post a few weeks back talking about all the things she's excited for and being that I'm in such a great mood I figured it seems appropriate. Although I'd like to add things in general I'm happy about.

1. Trip to Italy! I'll be going here for a wedding and then traveling here and here.
2. My birthday! Matt has some "surprise" in the works, which is both incredibly sweet and somewhat frightening. But I'm excited and since several people are in on it I am just gonna go with the flow on this one.
3. Chilling with my girls this weekend, lot's of late night stoned conversations and laughing till we can't breath.
4. Planning my sister's bacholorette party, I would talk about it but she reads this from time to time (Hi Erin!) so she's just going to have to wait and see. It's gonna be very creative though *insert evil laugh*
5. A weekend that Matt doesn't have to work. This is truly a beautiful thing; I look forward to sleeping in and generally being slothful together.
6. Shopping...okay okay I know I mentioned that above but it's been soooooooooooo long since I've been able to do this and much worked for so I'm so psyched.
7. My sister's wedding in July, okay it's a ways off but seriously I can't even tell you how psyched I am for this. 2 of my favorite people, getting married in the most gorgeous place on Cape Cod, with incredible food, family and friends it is going to be amazing.
8. Getting a manicure and pedicure...another thing I rarely treat myself to but feel like I earned this week so I'm gonna enjoy that bitch.
9. The fact that the move is finally behind me and I'm loving where I live. Last weekend I took a walk around my neighborhood taking pictures. It's just a beautiful part of Brooklyn with so many hidden cool places to go. I can't wait to get happy hour drinks with Anna and co. some night and explore some of the surrounding bars. Especially in the summer!
10. Warm weather, drinks outside, all the college kids leaving, late nights of drinking and dancing, backyard BBQ's (Sheri I can't wait!!!) Roof parties, movies outside and falling in love with NYC all over again.

Have a good one.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Springtime in New York

It's that time of year again.

Longer days and milder weather. Fresh cut flowers, drinks outside with your friends and the nut jobs out wondering the streets fresh from their winter hibernation.

It's spring time in New York.

It’s been quite a week of total insanity. No I mean literally. I have yet to experience a ‘normal’ subway commute if that is possible in NYC since moving to the new apt. This past week saw a definite increase in unstable characters gravitating a little too close to my personal space. Which isn’t to say some of it hasn’t been mildly entertaining at times but damn what was up with all the crazies coming out of the woodwork last week?

There was the seemingly ‘normal’ looking guy who sat next to me on the 6 train and then proceeded to talk to the person in front of him about the Ford Modeling agency. Oh wait a minute there wasn’t a person in front of him it was just an empty bench.

“Oh yeah I know the Ford Modeling agency. I used to work there.”

(I shift in my seat and look at the empty bench in front of us. “Is he on the phone maybe?” I am confused.)

“Oooooohhh weeeee back in the day, them girls where hot!”

(Okay totally not on the phone because um…we’re in the subway. Just completely insane. Nice.”)

“ Hey I see you but I am not going to look at you. No…no no no I’m not looking at you. *giggles* Well I’m not. You can look at me all you want but I’m not looking at you, * giggles again* you is a funny one aren’t you. * Suddenly gets annoyed at invisible person* Stop looking at me fucker! Yes I know who they are…well of course I do! Well fuck you then.”

At this point frustrated by his imaginary friend he got up and walked towards the end of the train, careful to look back once or twice and give a few dirty looks in the direction of the empty bench. Then he eventually settled down next to a middle-aged businessman to continue his conversation with the air.

Yesterday after trying to make it to this. I walked into a Deli to get money out of the ATM when a woman yelled over to me.

“ Your dogs okay!”

Assuming she wasn’t talking to me, as I do not have a dog I continued at the ATM.

“I said your dog is okay!”

This time I looked over.

“ Yeah dogs don’t care. They don’t talk to you. *Beginning to get emotional* they won’t leave you a tip… they just don’t fucking care!”

Come to think of it a dog has never left me a tip either.

And these were only a select few. There was tourette's man in front of Barnes and Noble who barked at people as they walked in. The creepy guy that walks up and down Court street telling people to save their toilet paper and save the environment. Not exactly sure how doing one thing helps the other. And last but not least the crackhead begging for money on the 4 train, who proceeded to get down on her knees and yell ‘devil-bitch!’ at the poor woman sitting next to me. Although that was kinda funny.

Ahhh spring time in New York City!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Crates

Originally uploaded by Redheadbrooklyn.

I was really busy at work I swear. But they were just sitting there. All piled up in the corner of the office. And I knew they longed to be something more then just office moving crates.

Monday, March 21, 2005


After a relatively painless move-in on Saturday afternoon, Matt and I got to work on setting up our new digs. This proved a little challenging at times though because we tend to have duplicate items and our own opinions on what should go where. Luckily it's really easy to figure out when Matt doesn't like something because he either

A. Phrases it as a question. Like...

Matt: So hmmm... do you think the coffeemaker should go there?
Me: Yes.
Matt: Do you think it makes more sense though to maybe put it here?
Me:, not really, I like it where it is.
Matt: I'm just thinking that it might make more sense here though, so we can keep the counter area clean you know?
Me: *gives annoyed look* We have so much counter space Matt and I really like it here plus I put the coffee filters in this drawer. See? So convenient! * Makes mock 50's housewife pose*
Matt: OK. I was just thinking it could go here though and here's why...

*Sandy goes to another place in her mind for 45 seconds*

Me: Okay but I still like it here.


B. Sneakily moves something.

Me: Matt where are my pots and pans? I just put them in this cabinet 5 minutes ago? Only yours are in there.

Matt: (Innocently) Oh I put them up there for you sweetie.

Me: (Looks up at the cabinet that is like 4 feet above my head in confusion) Um...Matt, I’ll never be able to use them if they are way up there. *I start flinging myself in the air like salmon* I can't even reach that high. *Still flailing around* what's wrong with my pans?

Matt: Nothing.

Me: Then why did you exile them then?

Matt: I didn't exile your pans, I just thought that we had too many in that cabinet so I moved some of them.

Me:Hmm...Interesting how you happened to conveniently move only mine. *Sandy gives annoyed look and puts her pans back*

However, despite a few glitches here and there I am being completely honest when I tell you how much I love the apartment and still can't believe we live here. I also love the push and pull adjustment to living together. This melding of 2 separate lives. It seems like an odd thing to love, I know but there is just something so endearing to me about it all.

Oliver adjusted really well to the move. He spent exactly 2 hours in his igloo sulking and then ventured out for a stroll around the place. By the evening he was back to his old self, trying to eat my plants and begging for food. What a relief. Although he is acting exceptionally clingy lately following me everywhere. Over all though he seems really relaxed and happy.

Oliver isn't the only one settling in nicely I am currently really enjoying some things I've missed out on for a long time. Like...

A Dishwasher

This is truly a marvel of wonder. I haven't had a dishwasher since high school and I'm sure I never gave it the proper appreciation back then. I immediately started washing everything in sight. I think I might have a problem now because eventually I started putting very random things in there just to get the high from seeing it come out all clean and sparkly. I think I've literally run the dishwasher about 12 times since moving in. I must stop the madness people.

Wireless High-speed Connection
Oh my god do I love you. You are faster then work!

Not having cable for 6 years and being limited to 5 stations has caused me get overwhelmed with the channel choices and therefore abuse the remote control.

Welcome to Sandy's Short Attention Span Theatre where you will never have to see one show from beginning to the end ever again. Instead, why not flirt with about 5-6 shows at once? Check out our Sunday line up...

Approximately 6 minutes of HGTV's Designed to Sell, the part where the lady goes around, insulting everything about the couple's house while the couple gets really pissed off. How did the house turn out? I have no fucking clue.

10 minutes on E's True Hollywood Full House. Learn all about the Olsen Twins evil straight-to-video empire and Bob Sagget's potty mouth on the set and then flip to another channel when it goes to commercial...never come back.

Next up.... Animal Planet's Animal Cops: Miami. There are puppies in this episode so we will stick around a little longer then expected. You’ll get to see the part where the puppies are reunited with their mom. What separated them? No idea but aren't they cute?

Join us next time when we will be showing 4 minutes of The Fresh Prince of BelAir, Will teaches his rich cousins dunno something and then something else happens then 7 minutes of Lifetime's Mother, May I sleep with danger? Tori Spelling will maybe sleep with danger but first she'll ask her mom or something and part of VH1's Best Week Ever.

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with the apartment and sharing it with Matt. I literally find myself looking over at him all the time and feeling so grateful for how everything has turned out between us. However, I am mildly alarmed at how yuppified we've become. Particularly when the other night we found ourselves drinking wine and listening to music on his ipod, while we gazed out our enormous windows at a very beautiful Brooklyn skyline...

as we ordered from freshdirect.

um. yeah.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I was a bit disappointed in Top Model's BIG SECRET that I was told specifically by the TV voiceover man on UPN that I would be totally unprepared for. But you see I had sussed it out already. I WAS PREPARED for this 'BIG TOP MODEL SECRET'. I had figured it all out days ago really. It was obvious.

Michelle was a man.


A man!

But when the show revealed she was just bisexual and afraid of footwear I did feel sorta unprepared I guess, for feeling jipped. Because I had really been counting on her being a man. Not even Rebecca passing out made me feel better. Although the look on the face of the crazy-eyed one Christina was priceless. Naima is still my favorite so far.

Anyway last night was fun though. Thanks Kat for hosting Top Model night. It has to be said I am mildly disturbed I went through almost an entire pack of cigs in 4 hours and ate 4 of those mini cannolies. Although I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning without a hangover. Nice. Sheri I'll see what I can do about having a Top Model Finale pool party at my apartment.

I figure all of that drinking last night makes up for the fact that I really need to finish packing tonight and therefore will probably not be celebrating St. Patrick's Day properly in bar tonight. My friends in Ireland would be so disappointed in me.

As I looked around at all of the boxes it dawned on me this was one of the last nights I'd be spending in this place. Maybe it was because of the 5 glasses of wine or the fact Michelle wasn't a man but I started to feel a little sad. If I was hit sitcom, this would be about the time when little squiggly lines would come in and I'd take you back in time and relive all my most memorable moments spent in that apartment. Strangely enough though, it's not so much the happy times I will remember fondly but the sad ones, the ones that changed me for the better and forced me to become the person I am today.

But I won't queue the squiggly lines this time because as important as those memories are to me, it's time to make some new ones to take their place.

It's time to move on, both literally and figuratively.

It's time to embrace what will be and let what has been...


Not forgotten. Never forgotten.

So this is where I am folks. Exactly 2 days from moving on to a brand new stage of my life; full of uncertainty but guided by my faith.

And who is ever really feel prepared for that.
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