Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend of Birthdays

I love those weekends where everything just seems to fall into place perfectly. Friday night I hung out with some good friends of mine at my friend Charity's apartment. My friends Julie S. and Elliot were there and I really I don't see them often enough. We just drank wine and passed photos around from their trip to Uruguay. I'm always amazed at other people's travel pictures. These were particularly cool. I realized that Uruguay looks a lot like the Cretaceous period of Earth in some parts. While hearing the stories behind the pictures, I kept half expecting Julie to say "Here's Elliot and I on the beach and oh and this a funny story, this is Elliot and I running for our lives from a large carnivorous cold blooded reptile." They were very cool photos though. One of my most favorite things to do in the winter is go to someone's apartment, get a bottle of wine and a group of good people together and just spend hours drinking, telling stories and cracking each other up until I pass out on their couch and have an awkward conversation with them the next morning. ;)

Saturday, I hung round the apartment ( yes,mine ) Talked to my friend Sophie from SF for hours which just caused me to miss her even more. ( Hi Soph!) So finally after numerous cooking shows, I eventually motivated myself to go out and get my Dad's Birthday gift. (The book Angels and Demons) Then I picked up a very large pair of granny panties in Filene's basement for Maggie. You know what? I'm not even going to explain that right now.

Eventually, I met Matt at the Living Room for Maggie's Birthday shindig. DJ Ultragrrl spun some really good stuff. I was sorta wondering what the hype was over this girl but she really selected some very random and fun tunes and as a bonus she seems like a genuinely nice person too. There was a real nice vibe to the night. Everyone seemed so relaxed and happy to be there and celebrate. I love my friends. Happy Birthday Maggie!

Anna and I presented Maggie with her gift of an array of Victoria's Secret cute underwear since all her laundry was stolen a month ago. Every time I walk into Victoria's Secret I'm reminded of what my friend Patty's mom said once back when I was in high school about that store. I remember being 16 and sitting at Patty's kitchen table, both of us leafing through the VS catalog, when patty's mom strolled in from work. She glanced over and said in a very frank voice " You know what Vicky's BIG secret is?" We looked up, confused. " She likes to dress like a slut." Mrs. Latture you were awesome. So Maggie now you can dress like a slut. Except I've included a pair of enormous granny panties that you can throw on over your jeans and wear around the house when you're drunk. Something every girl needs and should do.

Sunday was spent making a somewhat lop-sided sad little thing I like to refer to as my dad's birthday cake. God why can't I bake? It sorta looked like a large poop. Trekking that thing up to 51st was not fun. I accidentally smooshed it twice which surprisingly improved its look I think. Matt and I met up with my parents, sister and fiancée at Tse Yangs for my Dad's Birthday dinner. My parents were in NYC for a couple of days to celebrate with my sister and I on their way down to Florida. Dinner was amazing. I'm not really a huge fan of Chinese food but what a difference it makes when you have quality Chinese food. We all shared our dishes and I've decided that this has ruined me for ordering the cheap stuff ever again. I've also figured out that orange beef actually does not and should not consist of bright orange blobs of batter with tiny fatty pieces of beef inside. Who knew? Next thing I'm going to find out that MSG isn't a Chinese herb.

The night was capped off by unveiling my masterpiece of a cake. And my dad almost burning down Erin's apartment by collecting all 20 of the trick birthday candles in his hand and in an attempt to impress us all with his 58 year old lung power blow an enormous ball of fire across the table, thus causing me to do a slow motion "noooooooooooooooo!" and Erin to make a dive through the air (also in slow motion) for the kitchen sink.

Good times.

Happy Birthday Dad, don't worry my eyebrows will grow back, I'm sure.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Okay so maybe I lied.

The other day I stumbled onto a blog called and was so blown away by its creativity and humor that I almost immediately felt inspired to revive this blog again. I've kind of always wanted to resuscitate this thing but wasn't sure exactly why or how to go about it. I have wondered what this blog would even be about to be honest.

I don't really have a tremendous need to pour my soul out to strangers online, on a quest for new friends or as a form of online therapy. I love music but I'm not interested in trying to impress people with my Indie music cred. (The little bit I have anyway) with regular posts about obscure bands I think are cool and what shows I'll be going to. I'm probably not going to the show, because I'm either A. broke B. lazy. or let's be honest C. probably unaware there was even a show at all and don't particularly care. I'm sure a few years ago I would have done some thinly veiled pseudo-Sex and the City-blog about how CrAzY being single in NYC is but thank god I'm over it. Plus, I don't have any serious problems with my co-workers to speak of, to eventually get fired over when someone discovers this. And lastly, I'm not looking for a book deal as I have a healthy grasp on reality

But I like to tell long overly detailed stories that generally are a true testiment to my boyfriend's patience and I like to write. So that's something. So I'll probably do that. Also you can probably count on the fact that I won't post here everyday, I dunno maybe I'll surprise myself but I guessing that's a lot of commitment for someone with ADD. I really can't promise this won't be boring but then again nobody is forcing you to read it so suck it. I'll probably delete mean comments because I'm narcissist with an image to keep and I'm sensitive dammit! Also if you happen to read my "Do's and Don't for writing a successful blog" you'll realize really fast that none of those rules have been applied to this blog, which perhaps you'll find somewhat strangely ironic which is cool I'm actually okay with that. So yeah that's really about it. We'll see what happens.
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