Friday, January 28, 2005

Okay so maybe I lied.

The other day I stumbled onto a blog called and was so blown away by its creativity and humor that I almost immediately felt inspired to revive this blog again. I've kind of always wanted to resuscitate this thing but wasn't sure exactly why or how to go about it. I have wondered what this blog would even be about to be honest.

I don't really have a tremendous need to pour my soul out to strangers online, on a quest for new friends or as a form of online therapy. I love music but I'm not interested in trying to impress people with my Indie music cred. (The little bit I have anyway) with regular posts about obscure bands I think are cool and what shows I'll be going to. I'm probably not going to the show, because I'm either A. broke B. lazy. or let's be honest C. probably unaware there was even a show at all and don't particularly care. I'm sure a few years ago I would have done some thinly veiled pseudo-Sex and the City-blog about how CrAzY being single in NYC is but thank god I'm over it. Plus, I don't have any serious problems with my co-workers to speak of, to eventually get fired over when someone discovers this. And lastly, I'm not looking for a book deal as I have a healthy grasp on reality

But I like to tell long overly detailed stories that generally are a true testiment to my boyfriend's patience and I like to write. So that's something. So I'll probably do that. Also you can probably count on the fact that I won't post here everyday, I dunno maybe I'll surprise myself but I guessing that's a lot of commitment for someone with ADD. I really can't promise this won't be boring but then again nobody is forcing you to read it so suck it. I'll probably delete mean comments because I'm narcissist with an image to keep and I'm sensitive dammit! Also if you happen to read my "Do's and Don't for writing a successful blog" you'll realize really fast that none of those rules have been applied to this blog, which perhaps you'll find somewhat strangely ironic which is cool I'm actually okay with that. So yeah that's really about it. We'll see what happens.


Blogger pmac said...

Who is this!!? I almost had a heart attack when I googled "Latture" in a moment of boredom and came up with your blog. I'm so glad you (Sandy?)remember my's weird to hear that people still remember my family as it was before my parents died. I've been thinking about that alot lately. Thanks for keeping mom alive in your memory. It means more than you know, even if it's just a silly joke.

7:07 PM  
Blogger S said...

OMG! Patty, wow. That is insane you found my blog. I'm so glad to hear from you and know that my entry brought a smile. I can't believe you're married too! We need to catch up.
:) Sandy

2:12 PM  

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