Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Crates

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I was really busy at work I swear. But they were just sitting there. All piled up in the corner of the office. And I knew they longed to be something more then just office moving crates.

Monday, March 21, 2005


After a relatively painless move-in on Saturday afternoon, Matt and I got to work on setting up our new digs. This proved a little challenging at times though because we tend to have duplicate items and our own opinions on what should go where. Luckily it's really easy to figure out when Matt doesn't like something because he either

A. Phrases it as a question. Like...

Matt: So hmmm... do you think the coffeemaker should go there?
Me: Yes.
Matt: Do you think it makes more sense though to maybe put it here?
Me:, not really, I like it where it is.
Matt: I'm just thinking that it might make more sense here though, so we can keep the counter area clean you know?
Me: *gives annoyed look* We have so much counter space Matt and I really like it here plus I put the coffee filters in this drawer. See? So convenient! * Makes mock 50's housewife pose*
Matt: OK. I was just thinking it could go here though and here's why...

*Sandy goes to another place in her mind for 45 seconds*

Me: Okay but I still like it here.


B. Sneakily moves something.

Me: Matt where are my pots and pans? I just put them in this cabinet 5 minutes ago? Only yours are in there.

Matt: (Innocently) Oh I put them up there for you sweetie.

Me: (Looks up at the cabinet that is like 4 feet above my head in confusion) Um...Matt, I’ll never be able to use them if they are way up there. *I start flinging myself in the air like salmon* I can't even reach that high. *Still flailing around* what's wrong with my pans?

Matt: Nothing.

Me: Then why did you exile them then?

Matt: I didn't exile your pans, I just thought that we had too many in that cabinet so I moved some of them.

Me:Hmm...Interesting how you happened to conveniently move only mine. *Sandy gives annoyed look and puts her pans back*

However, despite a few glitches here and there I am being completely honest when I tell you how much I love the apartment and still can't believe we live here. I also love the push and pull adjustment to living together. This melding of 2 separate lives. It seems like an odd thing to love, I know but there is just something so endearing to me about it all.

Oliver adjusted really well to the move. He spent exactly 2 hours in his igloo sulking and then ventured out for a stroll around the place. By the evening he was back to his old self, trying to eat my plants and begging for food. What a relief. Although he is acting exceptionally clingy lately following me everywhere. Over all though he seems really relaxed and happy.

Oliver isn't the only one settling in nicely I am currently really enjoying some things I've missed out on for a long time. Like...

A Dishwasher

This is truly a marvel of wonder. I haven't had a dishwasher since high school and I'm sure I never gave it the proper appreciation back then. I immediately started washing everything in sight. I think I might have a problem now because eventually I started putting very random things in there just to get the high from seeing it come out all clean and sparkly. I think I've literally run the dishwasher about 12 times since moving in. I must stop the madness people.

Wireless High-speed Connection
Oh my god do I love you. You are faster then work!

Not having cable for 6 years and being limited to 5 stations has caused me get overwhelmed with the channel choices and therefore abuse the remote control.

Welcome to Sandy's Short Attention Span Theatre where you will never have to see one show from beginning to the end ever again. Instead, why not flirt with about 5-6 shows at once? Check out our Sunday line up...

Approximately 6 minutes of HGTV's Designed to Sell, the part where the lady goes around, insulting everything about the couple's house while the couple gets really pissed off. How did the house turn out? I have no fucking clue.

10 minutes on E's True Hollywood Full House. Learn all about the Olsen Twins evil straight-to-video empire and Bob Sagget's potty mouth on the set and then flip to another channel when it goes to commercial...never come back.

Next up.... Animal Planet's Animal Cops: Miami. There are puppies in this episode so we will stick around a little longer then expected. You’ll get to see the part where the puppies are reunited with their mom. What separated them? No idea but aren't they cute?

Join us next time when we will be showing 4 minutes of The Fresh Prince of BelAir, Will teaches his rich cousins dunno something and then something else happens then 7 minutes of Lifetime's Mother, May I sleep with danger? Tori Spelling will maybe sleep with danger but first she'll ask her mom or something and part of VH1's Best Week Ever.

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with the apartment and sharing it with Matt. I literally find myself looking over at him all the time and feeling so grateful for how everything has turned out between us. However, I am mildly alarmed at how yuppified we've become. Particularly when the other night we found ourselves drinking wine and listening to music on his ipod, while we gazed out our enormous windows at a very beautiful Brooklyn skyline...

as we ordered from freshdirect.

um. yeah.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I was a bit disappointed in Top Model's BIG SECRET that I was told specifically by the TV voiceover man on UPN that I would be totally unprepared for. But you see I had sussed it out already. I WAS PREPARED for this 'BIG TOP MODEL SECRET'. I had figured it all out days ago really. It was obvious.

Michelle was a man.


A man!

But when the show revealed she was just bisexual and afraid of footwear I did feel sorta unprepared I guess, for feeling jipped. Because I had really been counting on her being a man. Not even Rebecca passing out made me feel better. Although the look on the face of the crazy-eyed one Christina was priceless. Naima is still my favorite so far.

Anyway last night was fun though. Thanks Kat for hosting Top Model night. It has to be said I am mildly disturbed I went through almost an entire pack of cigs in 4 hours and ate 4 of those mini cannolies. Although I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning without a hangover. Nice. Sheri I'll see what I can do about having a Top Model Finale pool party at my apartment.

I figure all of that drinking last night makes up for the fact that I really need to finish packing tonight and therefore will probably not be celebrating St. Patrick's Day properly in bar tonight. My friends in Ireland would be so disappointed in me.

As I looked around at all of the boxes it dawned on me this was one of the last nights I'd be spending in this place. Maybe it was because of the 5 glasses of wine or the fact Michelle wasn't a man but I started to feel a little sad. If I was hit sitcom, this would be about the time when little squiggly lines would come in and I'd take you back in time and relive all my most memorable moments spent in that apartment. Strangely enough though, it's not so much the happy times I will remember fondly but the sad ones, the ones that changed me for the better and forced me to become the person I am today.

But I won't queue the squiggly lines this time because as important as those memories are to me, it's time to make some new ones to take their place.

It's time to move on, both literally and figuratively.

It's time to embrace what will be and let what has been...


Not forgotten. Never forgotten.

So this is where I am folks. Exactly 2 days from moving on to a brand new stage of my life; full of uncertainty but guided by my faith.

And who is ever really feel prepared for that.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Farewell my home part 2

I really need to start thinking of better titles then Part 2.

Farewell my Home: Partie Deux
Farewell my Home: The Next Chapter.
Farewell my Home. This time it's personal.

Okay forget it.

Last night I cooked up a nice steak. I'm did this mainly because I am determined to use the last of my Peter Lugar steak sauce. The idea of moving and throwing out a half a bottle of what I like to refer to as liquid heaven, is just too much for me to bear. On the other hand I'm not really a ‘bring half your refrigerator to your new apartment’ kinda girl either. I like fresh starts and new salad dressings ( I seem to collect them) and I'm not really sure how long things will sit out with the move and I'm so over explaining this...let's just move on shall we?

Right, right so after an amazing steak dinner I got to work on taking my bed apart and going through all the crap underneath it. I'm throwing out a ton of cd cases. After a while I got really fast at taking the paper insides out and tossing the plastic cases in the bin. This mindless work enabled me to think about what I wouldn't miss about Williamsburg and so with that very obvious seg way I bring you, Sandy's ‘What I won't miss about living in Williamsburg.’

1.The 100 screaming, yelling, fighting shithead highschoolers who walked by my apt 2 times a day to and from school.

I want to thank you for throwing a bottle at my head while I was walking into the subway. How did you know I felt like a diet coke that morning? I must say I won't really miss the way you harassed everyone who walked by you and threw trashcans in the street. I also realized that all 100 of you are obviously hearing impaired as you all talked at A VERY LOUD VOLUME LIKE ALL THE TIME...LIKE TO THE POINT I COULD’NT EVEN HEAR MY TV. But really now, is "Fuck you bitch I'm gonna fucking beat yo'ass’ and droppin the N-bomb really appropriate for 7 in the morning? I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am to not be living anywhere near your school or any school anymore.

2. Planet Thai *warning do not read if you want to still eat here*

We had a really nice relationship for a while. Sure you were Thai food but in the beginning you were basically one of the few restaurants out there in the Burg' and your large factory-like artsy interior and cheap food won me over immediately. But like a child actor you matured into a dysfunctional adult. Letting your fame ‘change’ you. You started abusing your name and just stopped caring. First it was little things like slightly under cooked chicken pad Thai and over fried spring rolls but the day I ordered Chicken Tempura and it came with a little fried creepy friend hanging on, well I'm sorry it had to end. I will be going to Joya on Court Street from now on.

3. Vinyl siding

You were everywhere, it's like you threw up all over Williamsburg and spread like a bad VD from house to house. I dunno who told you that you look good… you're ugly, really really ugly. What happened here? Park Slope doesn't have you. Manhattan wouldn't be caught dead with you and I think maybe someone's been living a little too close to Queens. You are BROOKLYN dammit, remember that. What can I say, I'm disappointed in you.

4.Scary unnecessarily mean Polish Laundromat

Okay now I understand that working in the laundry mat was probably not your life's dream but you guys would just blow up at everyone for no apparent reason. There was the girl who was laughing with her friend and you yelled at her to go outside even though it was raining. The guy who lost all his quarters in one of your crappy 20-year-old machines and you just screamed at him in Polish. It was like the Soup Nazi in there. Put your clothes in washer. Put your quarters in. Keep your eyes looking down and step to the side slowly then wait exactly 2 minutes slowly walk out of there. Also did I mention you sucked? Well you sucked. How do you say you suck in Polish? I've never been so happy in my life to have laundry in the building now.

5. The hoards of NYU hipster babies who walk past my window at 4:30 on a fucking Tuesday night loud and wasted and then proceed to puke outside my gate.

Dude, you are all starting to look like Ashley Simpson and it's really making me wanna La la lose it.

6. My lack of closet space. Now my vacuum cleaner will finally have home.

7. The ratio of shitty restaurants to good ones.

For every good restaurant in Williamsburg there are about 3 that suck and yet somehow manage to stay open. I have no idea why this is? Can someone explain Vera Cruz to me?

8. Tops Grocery Store

Okay your produce was pretty good and not so expensive and you have a decent cheese selection...but you are lacking in some serious essentials. Like...Vanilla Coffeemate, huh? What's that about? You have fucking Hazelnut and Amaretto. ( and by the way ew.) So where's Vanilla? Huh? And while we are listing things not there...what about ground pork? You have a fucking Meat Packing place right next to you and yet you don't sell ground pork? How exactly is that possible? Now my meatballs are lifeless. I'm too upset to go on.

9. Useless, overpriced, artsy stores that I rarely went into

Sure you looked nice and had some cool things, but unless I wanted to buy a t-shirt for $80.00 there was really no point.

10. Not being able to have packages shipped to my home address.

Ah the joys of a de-lux-apartment in the sky and a doorman. My desk at work need no longer be a graveyard of Urban Outfitters and Barnes and Noble boxes

Friday, March 11, 2005

Farewell my home.

How I am going to pack up 5 years worth of crap into several seemingly small boxes is a mystery to me. 3 people have offered to help me pack, which is pretty cool although I must say I was quite surprised and then it dawned on me. Oh god they really know me too well.

It's been quite an ordeal preparing for this move. Hiring movers who will move 2 apartments in one day. Finding a storage place that will fit all of our crap. Having to sign 14 places on one lease, but I think the hardest part for me will be leaving what has been my home for the last 5 years. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Last night I started to think of all the things I would miss about my old home. Here is what I came up with.

Sandy's What I will Miss About Living in Williamsburg Brooklyn

1.The Williamsburg Cafe.

I love you Williamsburg Cafe. You were there for me when I was drowning in a Sea of Thai restaurants. You introduced me to Sweet Potato fries and I will always love you for that. You had a really cheap brunch and the best sangria I've ever had. Thank you Williamsburg Cafe for being... well...not Thai.

2. Cool Deli guy on N.7th & Bedford.

I'll miss you cool deli guy on N.7th and Bedford. You always asked me how I was and you actually sounded like you cared. It’s like you could see into my soul. You didn't even mind once when I was 25¢ short for Vanilla Coffeemate. Which was really important to me, because I love vanilla Coffeemate maybe more then God and I didn't have my ATM card on me that day so it could have been a really awful day. But it wasn't because of you Cool Deli Guy.

3. The Abby bar.

You were my friend during good times and bad. You were so fucking convenient too. Sometimes you gave me too much to drink though and I'd spend hours puking my guts out the next day but I know you didn't mean it.

4. The People at Reeltime Video.

You guys were always so cool. You never judged me even when I'd rent something like, oh I dunno...The Princess Diaries and that's a special thing.

5.Pete's Candy Store

You and I go way back. Remember when I'd come to your Trivia Night and totally lose like…big time…like embarrassingly so? In summers you had the best back garden ever and you hosted so many of my friend's bands. When you started offering pressed Paninis it was almost like you knew that when I’m wasted I suddenly want one...that's so weird. But it was awesome. I highly recommend the Turkey with Chutney, Mayo and lettuce. Good job Pete's Candy Store, you were neither a store or offered candy but I will never hold that against you.

6. L Train

I know… I know the last few months have been, well… problematic between us. So many times I needed you and you weren't running. Sure you left me notes saying you'd be unavailable all weekend but I never read them and hurt. But when you were running, God you were beautiful. 5 minutes to Union Square! 20 minutes to work! I will miss that.

7. Anytime Cafe

What can I say? You were there for me literally, anytime. Like that one time I called you wasted at 4am and wanted a grilled chicken sandwich and tator tots and that other time it was 2am and I was wasted and I felt like some mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers? And that time I came back from a bar wasted and called you and ordered I don't remember because I was wasted and then passed out before you came and woke up at 7:30 feeling really bad and afraid you'd blacklist my number but you didn't. That was awesome. Thanks. Would you consider a move to Cobble Hill?

8.McCarren Park

Even though you looked sorta sketchy at night and were taken over by Mexican immigrant families of 50 playing soccer and hipsters playing really awkward games of softball during the day. You were the trees and grass I so desperately needed in a world of bad vinyl siding.

9.Studio Apt

God where do I begin...first of and I were a perfect fit from the start. It was like you knew how much shit at Ikea I was gonna buy. And you didn't have bugs?!!! A Brooklyn apartment without roaches! I thought it was an urban myth but it turns out no…it’s my apartment. That alone was worth the rent I paid you. Speaking of, you never charged me more rent in my 5 years of living there when I think of that I feel well...almost teary.

10. My friends

You have been my family when mine was too far away. My support during some rough times. You were company when I felt lonely. You made being single and living alone bearable at times when it was not easy and I love you for that. Most of all, you were fucking convenient...fuck... you better cart your asses over to my new hood and visit me...cuz for Christ's sake people I'm moving like fucking 10 minutes away. You can take a freakin' car service. Okay??? Okay Sandy loves you. Please visit. Okay bye.

List of things I won’t miss to follow.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Part 2: Fun with Fisher Price

After the bus ride from hell, I took the subway another 45 minutes out to Braintree MA where my sister picked me up. I felt bad it was so late. Total travel time, 6hrs and 36 minutes not including the 20-minute car ride to Duxbury. I felt guilty I was so late coming in. As if I had any control over it. My sister is a mom now and is very into schedules. So I was worried I might have thrown off her schedule for Robbie. Luckily he was already in bed when we got home. We stayed up late talking and catching up. Until eventually Jen went to bed. Naturally at 1am I started doing my laundry. This is what happens when you live in NYC and don't have a washer and drier. You will cart your dirty clothes across 3 states to wash them for free and yet you will avoid going to the laundry mat that is a block away from your freakin' apartment for weeks until one morning you are faced with wearing either

A. The same jeans for the 7th time that are now so loose they make your ass look like you crapped your pants.


B. A reject outfit. A reject outfit is a pair of pants or a shirt that was an impulse buy or something you used to wear when you were skinnier and now you can't decide if it looks retarded. So instead it sits in your bottom drawer or smooshed in your closet mocking you every time you look at it. My reject outfit is a pair of jeans that are a little too high waisted for my liking. They can only be paired with a long sweater even though to the naked eye nobody would think they were highwaisted, that doesn't matter because I know and if I think about too long I get freaked out and have to take them off and then back in the drawer they go.

So I did my laundry and watched this reality show on TBS called "Faking It” which was about this girl who wanted to be a swimsuit model but she was this shy, sorta average looking girl from somewhere out in the Midwest. The idea is that she'd have these people coaching her on how to be a swimsuit model all week and a makeover and then she'd go up against real swimsuit models in a contest and the judges had to figure out who they thought was faking it. If she fooled them, then she won. Which she did. I really don't know why I started talking about this.

At this point is was super late so decided to go to bed. I closed my eyes and listened to the hum of Robbie's humidifier in the room next to mine. I pulled the covers way up to my chin, so I was wrapped papoose -style. And thought how nice it was to be away from NYC.

It was so quiet.


I woke to the sound of a screaming crying toddler and glanced down at my cell phone. Oh God. I've been asleep for 3 1/2 hours.

Dear God what is up with my neck? Caaan't tuuurn it to the riiighooouch! Oh please please please go back to bed Robbie...please...your Auntie Sandy drank way to much wine the other night and then endured the bus trip from hell and she's very cranky and now she can't turn her head to the right and she hasn't had a cigarette in 36 hours now because when she goes home she doesn't smoke anymore...Hmm...wonder if Jen hears him... Oh man I feel like death...must sleep, why did I stay up watching Faking It? That's a great show though. Please Robbie go back to sleep??? Please...Oh yes! heh heh Jen is up...woooow she's good...he totally stopped. I love his little munkin voice. My sister is amazing. *yawn* I wa....zzzzzzzzz


No Robbie that's the doggies. Robbie no. No Robbie no…no Robbie... *insert tantrum* Okay someone needs a nap come on let's go upstairs.

No, no, no, I need a nap Jen I need a nap.

*Screaming continues then a barely inaudible "mah mah mah mah noooo mah mah" *more crying*

I know punkin; you are tired I can tell.

Why yes I am, you see I only got 6 hours of sleep and well you know I'm not really good with that I'm more of a 8 or 12 hours girl you know?...Oh you're talking to Robbie.

Oh god forget it I need to just get up.

After several cups of coffee and some scrambled eggs I was feeling a little more like myself. Jen brought Robbie down from his mid morning nap and asked if I could watch him while she got everything ready for the trip to my parents house. Robbie is a little over a year and walking now. When he walks he looks wasted. His favorite thing is when I hang him upside down from his feet and when I run ahead of him, hide behind a wall and then jump out and scare the living shit out of him. Both send him into giggle fits like I've never seen. I keep telling him that in a few more years he's not going to think that's so funny and if he starts doing that to strangers he'll be arrested. I think he understands.

When my sister was done she joined Robbie and I in his playroom. We started talking about Fisher Price Peoples and how different they look now. My older sister Jen used to create entire worlds with Fisher Price Peoples. It was like a Fisher Price Soap Opera that as a kid I loved to tune into every day. It had returning characters, love affairs and deaths. It was our own personal One Fisher Price Life to Live.

Now Fisher Price Peoples were huge and had arms. Since when do Fisher Price Peoples have arms? And since when can did they stop making the small enough to choke on? I mean honestly, it's a wonder I survived.

I noticed that one of the Peoples was a farmer...and he was carrying a sac of what was supposed to be grain but it looked like he was packing an ounce on him. Robbie was mesmerized with the Peoples especially when you made them talk and move. So I decided to make up a little story for him.

" Why Hullooo Robbeh! I'm Farmer Doo-bie... I like to grow weeed Robbeh...because I'm all alone on this here ranch and there's nothin' else to do but get wassted you know what I mean Robbeh? Farmer Doobie needs some friends here... maybe a lady friend."

My sister lay curled up on the rug in fits of laughter. I'm glad she has a good sense of humor. I'm also glad Robbie hasn't really learned to talk yet.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Part 1. Peterpan Bus, a neverland I never want to go to again.

I worked out that this weekend involved more travel time then actual family time. Which generally could be construed as a good thing for some people but I was actually looking forward to going home. However, I feel a little like the hamster that gets into their wheel and thinks...

"This time man, this time it's gonna be different. This time I'm gonna bust out of here and it's gonna be awesome! run run...
Hmm...still in front of my still*sigh* Well I guess I could go for a sunflower seed and a nap."

I kinda get that Norman Rockwell vision of home. Like my mom is suddenly going to greet me at the door with an apple pie or a margarita (Okay it's my home fantasy people) and we'd have lobster and then go clamming in wooly Irish knit sweaters. It's a vision that maybe not everyone shares of 'home' but mine nonetheless.

Anyway, after leaving work early and then walking 10 blocks in the freezing cold to finally get a cab and 2 security searches later, I found myself a seat on the bus and started reading my magazine. The bus was filling up pretty fast so I did what I always do before a long bus ride where it is obvious I will not be able to sit alone. I blatantly judged the passengers coming towards me down the isle and gave dirty looks to anyone who looked.

a. Creepy
b. Smelly
c. Desperate for conversation

All things that drive me insane on a long bus trip. See... I once spent 4 hours on a bus stuck in the most boring conversation about computers of all things with a large Asian man with body odor, a heavy accent and a lisp. He kept re-introducing himself to me every time he wanted to get my attention again after I would manage to sneak my headphones on.

" you isp in computerssss? No?

"What? I'm sorry, I HAD MY HEADPHONES ON."

"Hi...see you have a computers. You like computers... No?"

" Well yes I use one???"

"Ah too ha ha. I aw-soo work wiff computersss"

" Wow..ha"

*Puts headphones on*

"Hi...hi..What type of computers do you hasve?"

*Takes off earphones*

"Um a Mac..Yeah. Which is why I love my ipod... yup... I like to just you know, listen to music on long bus trips like this. Maybe catch some sleep."

"Oh I don't likes no good dis Macszzz."


And so started the most boring, socially awkward conversation in the history of the Peterpan Bus Co. It lasted from Exit 8 on the Mass turnpike till right around the time I wanted to hurl myself out the window somewhere in New Haven CT. Only interrupted by my futile attempts at trying to put my headphones on and the flatulence problem of man in the seat in front of us. Peterpan Magic...I tell you.

So that's why it's important to stare down every undesirable that walks down the isle. But you can't get too greedy because if you let too many walk by you, you just dunno who you could end up sitting next to. So I generally have a type I look for in sharing my bus riding experience.

2.Between the ages of 24-44. Anyone younger is bound to talk on the phone the entire time to her boyfriend, friend in Somerville, roommate, sister, guy friend whom she's seeing under the false pretense of it just being a friendly visit and not a desperate college cross-country booty call.) Anyone older might want to talk to me.

Only sometimes this blatant stereotyping doesn't work, you know? Go figure right? Maybe I was the one judged;karmically judged. I will never know but it didn't work.

Here's how it didn't work.

1.The girl next to me talked non-stop from the bus terminal to the last toll on the mass pike. I know...she was going to see her ex but was worried about his new girlfriend. She hates his new girlfriend and she's fat. The girlfriend, not my seat 'buddy'. That she doesn't like this girl Hemma and thinks they should all forget to invite her out to the club and they can pretend nobody had her cell number...and lots more. Fascinating!

2.The guy in front of me got into a 10 min fight with the bus driver over not letting him get off in Newton rather then Boston South station.
The same guy proceeded to call everyone on his phone and talk at high volume about how FUCKED UP PETERPAN BUS IS! Then pushed his seat into my lap and fell asleep.

3.Then my ipod died while in heavy stop-and-slam-into-the-seat-in-front-of-you traffic in Danbury CT, approximately 3 hours from our destination or with traffic 5.

4.The bus was so hot that I had a t-shirt on and I was still sweating, then I lost the ability to swallow and I think I hallucinated but I'm not sure. Can gummy bears talk?

5. The ghetto fabulous couple in back of me started making out and I could literally hear their saliva switching around in their mouth. Ew. Then she's get all mad at him yo... and randomly start yelling "Noooooooo Jeeeesus...what the fuck yo? That iz so messed up, no it ain't funny yo." *insert laughing and kicking seat* Then they made up. *More saliva noises.* Then they fought. Then they made up... Repeat...20 million times in 5 hours.

When we finally pulled into South Station 2 hours late, I nearly ran out of there and embraced a stranger I was so happy to be off that bus.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

We now return you to your previously scheduled programming

Dear god have I been busy. I apologize to some of you. I had something to do after work almost every day last week and work literally took over my life this past week. But it was worth it because I'm really getting to do some very cool stuff and have been given a lot of responsibility lately which is real nice albeit a bit stressy at times. However, it seemed like I averaged about 4 hours of sleep every night, which culminated into me being a complete zombie by last Friday for a friend's birthday party. When I get really tired I do weird things like lose my sense of depth perception and walk into the corner of a wall. (check) Say entire sentences that clearly make sense in my mind but apparently not to anyone else. (check) Or better yet completely replace entire words with other completely random words because I happen to be thinking about a certain word, which is always fun. (check) I also will lose a thought seconds after I've opened my mouth in a meeting and then spend the next 3 minutes rambling about I have no idea what (check) or my personal favorite from last week, walk directly into a pole in the subway station while trying to get something out of my bag. Hot.

Side note I'm listening to Cities of Dust by Siouxsie and The Banshees and it's completely bringing me back to high school. Fucking great song. Any moment I might have to break out my wicked awesome Marshfield Masshole accent. Ahh high school...but I digress.

I'm heading home to my roots this weekend although my parents live on Cape Cod now but I will be stopping into to De-lux-bury MA to see my older sister, husband and baby Robbie. Aside from the prospect of knowing I have to take the PeterPan bus to get there, I'm pretty stoked.

So I like to make sure I have the bare essentials for a long bus trip from hell...such things as...

US Weekly I like US Weekly because it has pictures of "fat" celebrities and shows me when plastic surgery goes wrong, which is important because otherwise I might be jealous of thier lives. I also like it because it's important to me to know what Paris Hilton's text messages were. Obviously.

Star magazine
Now I know what you're thinking..." But Sandy Star magazine is the same as US Weekly." it's not. If I didn't read star I wouldn't know that Brad and Jen were getting divorced, yeah....put that in your pipe and smoke it. Which I can't speak for you guys but this greatly impacts my life. I mean GOD,if those two kids can't make it? Who can? Oh Jen,Hollywood is a cruel mistress.

Then I like to bring a book, because after part of my brain has rotted away from reading those magazines and I'm tired of seeing fuzzy, partically obstructed distance shots it's important for me to replace some of those brain cells. Unfortunately, I just finished reading this and don't have a book lined up. Any suggestions?

Next it's important to have some junk food goodness with you. I like doritos.


Ipod with special drive to Boston mix.

Here is mine. Sandy's Peterpan Fungus-bus Mix

Blasphemous Rumours- Depeche Mode
Hit- The Sugarcubes
There's No Other Way -Blur
I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses
Cities in Dust- Siouxsie and The Banshees
How Do You Say...Love - Deee-Lite
What You Waiting For?-Gwen Stefani
Warm Road -Benzos
So Broken- Bjork
Head over heels -Cocteau Twins
Sooner or Later- The English Beat
Cottonwool (Lamb remix)-Fila Brazillia
Naked In The City Again -Hot Hot Heat
Heaven- Lamb
This Charming man- The Smiths
Spitting Games- Snow Patrol
The Vanishing- Stars
One in a Lifetime- Talking Heads
Blanket-Urban Species
My Generation- The Who
The Promise- When In Rome
Distractions- Zero 7
Criminal-Fiona Apple
Nowhere Again- The Secret Machines

Here's to Good times on the PeterPan Bus.

I'm ready for a little trip home after such a crazy week though. My lungs are still recovering from Wednesday night. Damn Top Model requires a lot of smoking. I think one of the cooler moments of the night was when Anna's friend Sheri started telling me about a funny story she read on a blog about a girl moving into her first apartment and midway through I realized she was talking about my blog ha ha. (Hi Sheri!) It was great having everyone over and I'm looking forward to having a bigger place to host these things. It was a bit crowded in the ol'studio. It was also cool to catch up with friends I hadn't seen all week and get caught up on the latest. We’ll do it again :) More wine next time.

I already have my Top Model favorites, so far it's her and her we'll see how it turns out.

I'll be in Boston this weekend so doubtful I'll post till Monday. Have a good one!
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