Friday, March 11, 2005

Farewell my home.

How I am going to pack up 5 years worth of crap into several seemingly small boxes is a mystery to me. 3 people have offered to help me pack, which is pretty cool although I must say I was quite surprised and then it dawned on me. Oh god they really know me too well.

It's been quite an ordeal preparing for this move. Hiring movers who will move 2 apartments in one day. Finding a storage place that will fit all of our crap. Having to sign 14 places on one lease, but I think the hardest part for me will be leaving what has been my home for the last 5 years. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Last night I started to think of all the things I would miss about my old home. Here is what I came up with.

Sandy's What I will Miss About Living in Williamsburg Brooklyn

1.The Williamsburg Cafe.

I love you Williamsburg Cafe. You were there for me when I was drowning in a Sea of Thai restaurants. You introduced me to Sweet Potato fries and I will always love you for that. You had a really cheap brunch and the best sangria I've ever had. Thank you Williamsburg Cafe for being... well...not Thai.

2. Cool Deli guy on N.7th & Bedford.

I'll miss you cool deli guy on N.7th and Bedford. You always asked me how I was and you actually sounded like you cared. It’s like you could see into my soul. You didn't even mind once when I was 25¢ short for Vanilla Coffeemate. Which was really important to me, because I love vanilla Coffeemate maybe more then God and I didn't have my ATM card on me that day so it could have been a really awful day. But it wasn't because of you Cool Deli Guy.

3. The Abby bar.

You were my friend during good times and bad. You were so fucking convenient too. Sometimes you gave me too much to drink though and I'd spend hours puking my guts out the next day but I know you didn't mean it.

4. The People at Reeltime Video.

You guys were always so cool. You never judged me even when I'd rent something like, oh I dunno...The Princess Diaries and that's a special thing.

5.Pete's Candy Store

You and I go way back. Remember when I'd come to your Trivia Night and totally lose like…big time…like embarrassingly so? In summers you had the best back garden ever and you hosted so many of my friend's bands. When you started offering pressed Paninis it was almost like you knew that when I’m wasted I suddenly want one...that's so weird. But it was awesome. I highly recommend the Turkey with Chutney, Mayo and lettuce. Good job Pete's Candy Store, you were neither a store or offered candy but I will never hold that against you.

6. L Train

I know… I know the last few months have been, well… problematic between us. So many times I needed you and you weren't running. Sure you left me notes saying you'd be unavailable all weekend but I never read them and hurt. But when you were running, God you were beautiful. 5 minutes to Union Square! 20 minutes to work! I will miss that.

7. Anytime Cafe

What can I say? You were there for me literally, anytime. Like that one time I called you wasted at 4am and wanted a grilled chicken sandwich and tator tots and that other time it was 2am and I was wasted and I felt like some mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers? And that time I came back from a bar wasted and called you and ordered I don't remember because I was wasted and then passed out before you came and woke up at 7:30 feeling really bad and afraid you'd blacklist my number but you didn't. That was awesome. Thanks. Would you consider a move to Cobble Hill?

8.McCarren Park

Even though you looked sorta sketchy at night and were taken over by Mexican immigrant families of 50 playing soccer and hipsters playing really awkward games of softball during the day. You were the trees and grass I so desperately needed in a world of bad vinyl siding.

9.Studio Apt

God where do I begin...first of and I were a perfect fit from the start. It was like you knew how much shit at Ikea I was gonna buy. And you didn't have bugs?!!! A Brooklyn apartment without roaches! I thought it was an urban myth but it turns out no…it’s my apartment. That alone was worth the rent I paid you. Speaking of, you never charged me more rent in my 5 years of living there when I think of that I feel well...almost teary.

10. My friends

You have been my family when mine was too far away. My support during some rough times. You were company when I felt lonely. You made being single and living alone bearable at times when it was not easy and I love you for that. Most of all, you were fucking convenient...fuck... you better cart your asses over to my new hood and visit me...cuz for Christ's sake people I'm moving like fucking 10 minutes away. You can take a freakin' car service. Okay??? Okay Sandy loves you. Please visit. Okay bye.

List of things I won’t miss to follow.


Blogger Sheri said...

i hate to be a pain in the ass, but it's Reel Life Video, and i probably rented you the Princess Diaries when i worked there and didn't give you any attitude because the fact that you rented it made me want to go home and watch it after work...

8:04 PM  
Blogger S said...

Ha ha yeah, I remember this one time the person who was working the register said to me " Whoaaaa holy random selection of movies there" when I rented "I was a Teenage Drama Queen" and " The Barbarian Invasions"

11:33 AM  
Blogger AJB said...

I wish I had the energy to go through your list and tell you an awesome Carroll Gardens place that you'll love for each W'burg place you named. Alas, I cannot do it today. However, there are a million cool places, #1 being my apartment, and I can't wait to show you around the 'hood!!

2:44 PM  
Blogger S said...

Awww thanks hon.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Low's Stories Big and Tall said...

Williamsburg. One evening while visiting NY, I drank in an east village pub with metal sculptors from Williamsburg, and they were some standup folks. Although, one of them was a woman that I was a little sweet on, and she had her brother with her. Well he was keeping his eye on me, and I don't think he liked me much. Everytime I said something, he would call out loudly, "What's that? You think all Americans are assholes?!?!" (I said nothing of the kind) and look around at the other patrons, as if to say, let's kick this guys Canadian ass.
But other than that, most of the people I drank with were from Brooklyn, and they were all so freindly and nice, I had such a blast...
Have a swell move...

4:13 PM  
Blogger S said...

Ah Low...yeah there are assholes in every bunch right? It's annoying.

I've been to other countries and gone out for drinks only to end up cornered into answering questions about my county's foreign policy. At least Canadians are generally well liked around the world. Americans? not so much.

Anyway, most of Brooklyn is friendly though. I actually prefer it to Manhattan as most people who live in Brooklyn do. Sounds like this guy was probably just playing the tough guy older brother card.

:) Sandy

5:26 PM  
Blogger laurenbove said...

Hey S. Brooklyn rocks! In my next life, I'm buying a house and renovating it. Excellent food, excellent culture. You're so freaking lucky.

I'm coming to the city next week and will be getting my fill, hopefully. I love it. J is from the Bronx, so we'll have to stop by Crosby Pizza on the avenue.

I'm looking forward to installments on the move and Pictures!

6:24 PM  

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