Monday, March 21, 2005


After a relatively painless move-in on Saturday afternoon, Matt and I got to work on setting up our new digs. This proved a little challenging at times though because we tend to have duplicate items and our own opinions on what should go where. Luckily it's really easy to figure out when Matt doesn't like something because he either

A. Phrases it as a question. Like...

Matt: So hmmm... do you think the coffeemaker should go there?
Me: Yes.
Matt: Do you think it makes more sense though to maybe put it here?
Me:, not really, I like it where it is.
Matt: I'm just thinking that it might make more sense here though, so we can keep the counter area clean you know?
Me: *gives annoyed look* We have so much counter space Matt and I really like it here plus I put the coffee filters in this drawer. See? So convenient! * Makes mock 50's housewife pose*
Matt: OK. I was just thinking it could go here though and here's why...

*Sandy goes to another place in her mind for 45 seconds*

Me: Okay but I still like it here.


B. Sneakily moves something.

Me: Matt where are my pots and pans? I just put them in this cabinet 5 minutes ago? Only yours are in there.

Matt: (Innocently) Oh I put them up there for you sweetie.

Me: (Looks up at the cabinet that is like 4 feet above my head in confusion) Um...Matt, I’ll never be able to use them if they are way up there. *I start flinging myself in the air like salmon* I can't even reach that high. *Still flailing around* what's wrong with my pans?

Matt: Nothing.

Me: Then why did you exile them then?

Matt: I didn't exile your pans, I just thought that we had too many in that cabinet so I moved some of them.

Me:Hmm...Interesting how you happened to conveniently move only mine. *Sandy gives annoyed look and puts her pans back*

However, despite a few glitches here and there I am being completely honest when I tell you how much I love the apartment and still can't believe we live here. I also love the push and pull adjustment to living together. This melding of 2 separate lives. It seems like an odd thing to love, I know but there is just something so endearing to me about it all.

Oliver adjusted really well to the move. He spent exactly 2 hours in his igloo sulking and then ventured out for a stroll around the place. By the evening he was back to his old self, trying to eat my plants and begging for food. What a relief. Although he is acting exceptionally clingy lately following me everywhere. Over all though he seems really relaxed and happy.

Oliver isn't the only one settling in nicely I am currently really enjoying some things I've missed out on for a long time. Like...

A Dishwasher

This is truly a marvel of wonder. I haven't had a dishwasher since high school and I'm sure I never gave it the proper appreciation back then. I immediately started washing everything in sight. I think I might have a problem now because eventually I started putting very random things in there just to get the high from seeing it come out all clean and sparkly. I think I've literally run the dishwasher about 12 times since moving in. I must stop the madness people.

Wireless High-speed Connection
Oh my god do I love you. You are faster then work!

Not having cable for 6 years and being limited to 5 stations has caused me get overwhelmed with the channel choices and therefore abuse the remote control.

Welcome to Sandy's Short Attention Span Theatre where you will never have to see one show from beginning to the end ever again. Instead, why not flirt with about 5-6 shows at once? Check out our Sunday line up...

Approximately 6 minutes of HGTV's Designed to Sell, the part where the lady goes around, insulting everything about the couple's house while the couple gets really pissed off. How did the house turn out? I have no fucking clue.

10 minutes on E's True Hollywood Full House. Learn all about the Olsen Twins evil straight-to-video empire and Bob Sagget's potty mouth on the set and then flip to another channel when it goes to commercial...never come back.

Next up.... Animal Planet's Animal Cops: Miami. There are puppies in this episode so we will stick around a little longer then expected. You’ll get to see the part where the puppies are reunited with their mom. What separated them? No idea but aren't they cute?

Join us next time when we will be showing 4 minutes of The Fresh Prince of BelAir, Will teaches his rich cousins dunno something and then something else happens then 7 minutes of Lifetime's Mother, May I sleep with danger? Tori Spelling will maybe sleep with danger but first she'll ask her mom or something and part of VH1's Best Week Ever.

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with the apartment and sharing it with Matt. I literally find myself looking over at him all the time and feeling so grateful for how everything has turned out between us. However, I am mildly alarmed at how yuppified we've become. Particularly when the other night we found ourselves drinking wine and listening to music on his ipod, while we gazed out our enormous windows at a very beautiful Brooklyn skyline...

as we ordered from freshdirect.

um. yeah.


Blogger laurenbove said...

Hey Sandy! The place and your weekend sound wonderful. You are so cute to enjoy the little things the way you do. It's really what life's all about, I think.

Joe and I are trying to decorate and furnish our new place. It's a lot like you described but with swearing. Haha!

I love the image of your lovely view, glass of wine, ipod serenade. It sounds like pure paradise. I remember when I lived in the country how lovely it was to have a glass of wine on the deck surrounded by such beauty. I'm more citified now and I think my deck overlooks I95 and a park. But, hey, I'm not complaining! It's all great, different, but still great.

Cheers and Happy Homecoming to you and Matt.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Sheri said...

oh yeah, i remember the first year after Morgan and I made the fatal mistake of getting cable! i'm such a remote Nazi, it doesn't matter what's on, if M. chooses it it's just wrong.
congrats on the move - can't wait to see your amazing apartment!

6:42 PM  
Blogger AJB said...

Haha, this whole post made me crack up. I am still picturing you flailing like a salmon, reaching for a pot. I'll have to bring you something non-yuppie as a housewarming gift, like some 40s or a poster of "the girls of America's Next Top Model." If they make a poster like that. I'm not's not like I've looked for one yet, or bought one, or have it up in my bedroom. Okay?

10:44 AM  
Blogger Low's Stories Big and Tall said...

I too covet the dishwasher. I have only had one once. It was for a short time. Then my world fell apart and it was gone forever.

I miss the whir of its motor. The playful, but repetitive splash against the inside of the powder coated white door. The blast of heat that would steam my face as I would greet my newly washed dishes. Those were special times.

You're a lucky lady.

12:14 PM  
Blogger _Summer_ said...

I am *so* stealing the line about exiled dishes. I may even flail about like a salmon. I hope you don't mind.

*tossing triumphantly dirty looks to the man behind the bathroom door*

1:28 AM  
Blogger S said...

Thanks guys! :)

6:56 PM  

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