Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to me :)

Sorry can’t be bothered with links this week.

Wow what a week it's been. Last Friday Soph came into town and the weekend did not disappoint. Friday the group of us headed to this Latin American Restaurant in Park Slope called Coco Rocco; a last minute decision since the first place we tried to make reservations for was booked due to Brooklyn Restaurant week. But the food at Coco Rocco kicked ass and I had this killer steak with chimichurri sauce and fried plantains, a close second to my favorite fried food, sweet potato fries. After a lot of sangria and some impromptu dancing in the streets, as you do when you drink a lot of sangria, we headed to a show at Southpaw. We left sorta early because everyone was tired and full. I have to say though 5th Ave in Park Slope has changed so much since Charity and I lived near there in 2000. It's absolutely gorgeous now and has become like a mini-restaurant row. I am planning to have a walk around there on Sunday to recover from my party. Soph came over late night and we managed to get so silly I'm not sure we were making sense most of the time. When Soph and I get together I almost feel like we sometimes revert back to college and next thing I know I'm laughing until my face hurts and generally some sort of expressive dance in thrown in there.

Saturday we all met up to do some shopping in Soho. Charity was looking for a dress for her sister's wedding and Jules a silver sequined type clutch thinger. After a busy day of running around everywhere Soph and I bought some wine & cheese and kicked back at my place and ended up pretty much in the same state as the night before, matt included. At one point though he said something that just made me lose my shit.

Matt: Oh my god hon, you were so right this mineral water makes our countertops look awesome!
Me ( confused ) Mineral water?
Matt: yeah you said put mineral water on the counters because they're soapstone.
Me (starting to laugh) Matt... ha ha...I didn't say mineral water it was mineral OIL.
Matt: (dejected and looking at the bottle of Pellegrino in his hand)
Me: On the floor doubled over... Wow and you not only got mineral water but you gave our counters only the BEST sweetie, only the finest Italian mineral water for our counter tops! I was wondering why you bought that? I was thinking..."Wow Matt's really taking this yuppie thing seriously... he's buying Pellegrino now, damn."

He's gonna kill me for writing about this. (Hi love you.)

We stayed up late that night on the couch trying to shake off the giggles and watching really bad TV. And by bad TV let me introduce you to a little movie called "Super Volcano" Oh probably didn't know this but Yellowstone is about to blow up, uh huh…and when it does don't think you'll be safe here in NYC. Nope, because then the ash clouds will drift over and it will snow ash. But this isn't ordinary ash this is volcano ash, that when mixed with the mucus in your lungs (ew.) turns to cement and your lungs explode or something. Why do I know this because they must have stated this in the movie like 3 times. If we were playing a drinking game I would have been wasted off the amount of times they explained what volcanic ash does to your lungs...after a while I started to get punchy and make bets on when they were going to explain it again. Then I got really punchy and it sounded like everything they were saying had some veiled sexual meaning.

“ So it’s going to erupt?”
“ Right now it is just a matter of minutes before it erupts and when it does there will be magma spilling everywhere.”
“ Yes but you’ve predicted eruptions before and then… nothing happened?”
“ I know but this time it’s different, trust me it’s not a matter of IF it will erupt but WHEN…these pulsating waves (of pleasure baby yeeeeeeah) can tell us a lot.”

As I curled into a shaking ball of giggles my friends just stared at me amused and yet frightened. But I figured it was sort pointless to try to explain.

We ended the weekend by going to the Japan Society, which had an exhibit that looked like what I would assume a bad acid trip would feel like. But it was super interesting and Julie and I kept trying to take “illegal” pictures with all the weird life sized Japanese anime figures. Then headed to a BBQ at Matt and Anna’s where I had the best hamburger I’ve ever had at a BBQ in my life.

The week was relatively uneventful, work was slow and it was nice to be able to leave work on time and come home make dinner and relax with Matt who also had a slow week. We booked our hotel in Florence, which is cool. Tonight Matt, Julie and I are going to have dinner at place on Smith Street called Chestnut. Julie has Passover tomorrow so she can’t make it to the party. I’m so excited for tomorrow! It will be cool to have everyone over to the new apt. I’m also excited for Matt to meet some of my friends and their boyfriends that he hasn’t met yet. The night should be fun. I only hope we can fit everyone in the apt.

God this is long but one more thing, hey…you made this far…did I mention I’m turning 30? But Matt told me 30 is the new 20 so I’m gonna go with that. Besides you can be immature all your life! Right on.


Blogger laurenbove said...

Happy Birthday S! Hope it's a great day. Sounds like you're having lots of fun. Get it all in before you get kids and a huge mortgage. =)

(Soapstone rocks.)

4:17 PM  
Blogger S said...

Thanks hon! I'm feeling really good about 30.

5:36 PM  
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