Monday, June 20, 2005

Trust me, this is not what you were looking for.

Okay blogger is fucked up, this posted so weird the first time, let's try this again...

Okay well it’s been a while. I wasn’t sure if I was going to write again on here. It’s just weird (for me) to devote a bunch of my time to talking about myself and throwing it out there for anyone to read. Well the second part is true. See…apparently you can now search for anything and you will get my blog. Thanks Google. So if you plan on searching for…Williamsburg Café, Peter Pan Bus, fajitas, America’s Next Top Model…haha sucka you get my blog. Searching for “Observations on religion’s role in politics?” you get my blog. “Weight problems in cats?”…my blog. ”Celebrities and weird sex?" My blog… and you’re gross. " Does Peter Lugar Steak sauce go bad?"...I have no idea? and you're getting my blog... How about…”cookie dough?”... my blog… Are you looking for "granny panties"? Google thinks you should check out my blog. Does your search have the word “The” in it? You’re getting my blog. That also goes for any searches that include words that have vowels or consonants, so heads up, you will be coming here.

Well it sorta freaked me out. Then I got really busy anyway. Then Matt and I left for Italy.

The quick update for all 4 of you who read this that I actually know… Birthday was amazing. Matt threw a surprise party for me so the day I wrote that was actually the day of the party. I came home after dinner with Julie and Matt to an apartment full of people yelling “surprise!” and nearly fell over. You’d think I would have caught on but I seriously did not have a clue. It was a really great night though. The next major thing after that was Italy.

Matt and I left on the 26th of May and spent 12 days eating more proscuitto then anyone should eat in their lifetime. I was pshitfaced the entire time. A typical day for Matt and I would generally go like this…

8am wake up and eat free breakfast of yogurt, croissants and jam, cappuccino on gorgeous roof deck looking out on Lake Como.
9am walk around and take quaint photos of quaint cobblestone streets, quaint people, and quaint little dogs that go “bark-ey!”
10pm contemplate if it was too early to eat gelato.
10:15 contemplate if it was too early to go to the wine bar.
10:16 go to wine bar. Eat large amount of free cheese and cured meats; get a nice early afternoon buzz on.
12am all that wine in the middle of the afternoon can make you feel a little tired or wasted. So of course we needed another cappuccino.

1pm stumble around and take quaint pictures of quaint little villages, admire quaint gardens and quaint children who make whining and temper tantrums in Italian sound adorable. Contemplate taking genius art-sy pictures for apartment walls but instead it went more like this…

“ Maatt youshooouldtake a photo of me if…oppphh—uck!… wa..wait wait wait I fell hahaha…lemme stand next to the sta-cchheww an…Matt wait…. And then, I’ll… Matt wait stop taking pictures… I’ll…whoa haha dude I totally almost fell on the stacheeew..haha…wait ok I’m doing the funny euro-trash face…”ciao!” Bah hahahaha…um Matt…I think I messed up my ankle…

2pm “Do you feel like Pizza?
2pm “yes.”
3pm I feel kinda pukey from eating so much pizza.
3:02 “Do you know what time it is?”
3:03 “ No what time is it?”
3:04 ”It’s gelato time!”

Matt and I constructed a theory that the higher and fluffier the gelato was the better it tasted. We tested this theory everyday to make sure. We took our gelato very seriously. Further tests however may need to be done to confirm this theory.

4pm Hmm it’s sorta hot out…my throat is so dry… are you tired? Hey Matt I think I’m getting some color! Wow… I’m kinda tired… I can’t believe we drank so much wine this morning, what were we thinking? Oh hey is that Cliff and Jill over at that bar?” “Hey Jill!!!…Okay sure we’ll be right over!”

5pm duo vino
6pm duo vino
7pm duo beer-ay

8pm anyone want some pasta? Sandy you look a little red.
9pm wow sandy…you’re kinda red I think you got a little burn.
10pm Holy shit sandy, I think you’re on fire.

Go to will like. :)
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